Thursday, July 14, 2016

High Plateau - John 13-17

An ebook with thoughts and poems from Jesus' final hours with disciples in the Upper Room.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jes Talkin

I's here agin
An ah have so few woids
But it's the gittin togetha
Most mattas
Ah believe.
And You has the time
Always has the time
Lookin down from
Brilliance an Glory
Settin aside those angels' songs
Jes to consider ma squallin
Or ma pleadin
Ma thankin or my
Plain ole wonda.
Dis ole man
Done had many a hard job
Often cruel or stupid orders
From tha Man.
A spell in the joint
An keen ears an
A much sharpened shiv
Jes ta raise up the odds.
Afta dark.
An a wife and two chillen
Hardly knew me afta
The twelve year stint.
But you knows me
You stick in dere fo me.
And you brought 
Some good folks
Crosst ma path
Prayin and heppin
An smilin folks.
Ah can almose smell
Yo Spirit on em.
Second chances and singin.
Friendly talkin nights
Clean woik now.
Ah sketches a little as well
Scenes of pain, hope or joy
Two of em sittin
Up now on the library wall
Folks considerin
Provin dis ole man
Sees an thinks
Feels an releases
Fatha you have ma devotion
Such as tis.
An ma good repote.
I love Ya
Gwine stop now ta
Read Psalm one-oh-seven.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Eighty-Fifth

Lord will you revive us
Turn away your displeasure
Although we stray
Mesmerized by everyday.
And you have done so much
We scarce deserve
Your healing touch.
It's in the fearing
The coming softly
To your majesty
And pleading for that
We have no right to
Ever see or hear.
Please Lord come near.
With miracle blend
Of Love, Faithfulness
Righteousness, Peace
Made to kiss each other.
An intersection
A stunning Cross
Distilling joy from loss.

(Psalm 85)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Once a Royal Carpet


It once had a Berber motif
Rich maroons and golds
Suggestions of the home
Of kings and court
The place where mortal
Respect was not enough.
Visitors showing
All due reverence
And the holy hush.
But times got rushed
And timetables jammed.
The dirt of the everyday
The base and commonplace
Allowed to remain afoot.
Berber became a dusty mat
Softness and sheen encrusted
Pollution released with
Scuffing of traffic.
Eyesight and free breathing
A sad memory.
(Been to a church service lately?)
Call for the beaters
Whack that dust!
And string out the
Life Line.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beseechings of a Child

I love the story of Jehoshaphat's prayer in 2 Chronicles 20.

Jerusalem was under attack from 3 armies. Seemingly hopeless situation.

The King stood at the temple before all the people and prayed. He acknowledged the peril. He reminded the Lord of promises to protect and prosper the offspring of faithful Abraham. He prayed in the Holy Place as King Solomon had mandated in an earlier great prayer...

And then he spoke in all simplicity "Lord we do not know what to do; nevertheless our eyes are upon you." Did this sound like a leader and a force in arms?

Shortly thereafter a prophet spoke the will of the Lord and something like this: 'You will not have to fight this battle. It is the Lord's battle. Stand still and see.'

The following morning armed men followed their King out to the expected place of combat...but worshiping and praising. The Lord had sent ambushments and had confused the enemies into self-annihilation.

Great was the spoil and great was the glory to God.

Is it likely that we would humble ourselves in like fashion when the emergency comes? Or would we utter all the fancy and formulaic petitions or simply roll it all over as Pastor's ball to carry?

I am convinced that if the simplest and lowliest member of Jehoshaphat's kingdom had uttered those words of prayer in similar heart before the people, the outcome would have been the same.

So, let's pray believers...honestly and to an all-capable Father.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Heard the preacher use that word

Never before thought of it

That way

Of Him that way.

Pulling things together

Sensibly and equitably

Law and reprieve

Code and practice

Jew and Gentile

Love and truth

Body and spirit

Priest and sacrifice

Self-doubt and

The greatest of hopes

Stories turned into

Most noble performance.


The reconciler of all wannabees

With actual present.

And another word

From some good reading.


By Him all things consist

All of life's push and pull.

The goldsmith watches

The liquid promise

And the furnace

Averting disaster

And bringing forth

Exquisite treasure in due time.
...and lights go on
and I pause
and I weep

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Firewood Under the Watchtower

Joseph Franklin Rutherford

Had 2 Jehovah's Witnesses come to the door last weekend. Pleasant upbeat senior in the front and earnest magazine carrier in back. The literature gave them away. I was quick to tell them that I would not be a cooperative listener because they knew not of the divinity of Jesus (he was only the angel Michael in human form come at God's bidding to be the sin offering. This was NOT God the Son participating at great cost in the reconciliation.)
Oh but Sir the word "trinity" does not appear anywhere in scripture (a trained response).
I told her to check out John 17 and see whether or not Jesus was submitting and praying unto another Divine Person and Will.
Oh Sir I have read that chapter many times. Another lie (JW's are terrified of the I AM messages in that Evangel. John speaks most often of the Carpenter's divinity.)
Well Ma'am I suggest you read it again.
They closed their bags. I was not a good bet.
My Son Jordan was sitting behind in the living room with a wry smile on his face. "So Dad you just had to take another crack at it." We chuckled.
One would benefit by checking the site Got Questions about the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses. Comes in close to Unitarianism and Socinianism. Draws very heavily from Isaiah's prophecies of "no other God beside me" (Jehovah).
The inventor of this cult was an American named *Rutherford, I think. (*Correction: He was an early proponent. First influence was a man named Charles Taze Russell.)
At least twice annually my home of Kitchener holds conventions for these pleasant and motivated false messengers who "have not the doctrine of Christ". See what John's Second Epistle has to say about the proper response.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I'm watching as my sand runs out
I'm living to the full
I gather all the good times up
I strive and push and pull.
I like the pace, oh yes I do
And many call me blessed
It's like a nose and grindstone thing
I seldom get to rest.
But then last night I turned the dial
And got a preacher's rant
That Jesus was the only way
But man, I won't... I can't.
The end is just the end you see
I mean to put it off
And gather all the chips I can
Before this frame I doff.
And nothing-ness is my next step
No pain and no regret
No Golden City for the saved
No flames of wrath I bet.
And when my last breath leaves the show
That guy says I will wake
With endless wails and God elsewhere
With Truth I failed to take.